About Christopher Martone

Christopher Martone, “starcrescendo”, is a professional multimedia specialist focusing on website design and development, graphic design, video production, and creative marketing. Technology has always been a passion of his, and the unique qualities of digital interactive multimedia are what led him into the Multimedia industry.

After Graduating from ITT Technical Institute, he holds more than 10 years of experience in the multimedia industry delivering custom solutions to a wide variety of clientele. His integrity, organizational skills, and attention to detail are the keys to his success.

When not in front of a computer for work, Christopher is an avid gamer, cook, home improvement do-it-yourself-er, and creative writer. He also volunteers his time and efforts to performing editorial work, consulting, animal rescue organizations, and other philanthropic organizations. Christopher is founder and owner of Starcresc; an Interactive Multimedia company.

Christopher is currently a technician at OnCall Computer Solutions and the lead web designer/developer at Buffalo Web in Williamsville, NY.