No Man's Sky

I encountered an Alien!

I walked what seems like a long distance from my ship. It’s really far away but I can still see it faintly. Luckily my Exo-Suit is also capable of tracking where I left the Spacecraft. I’m usually pretty good at orienting myself but without a compass or significant landmark this is an incredibly useful function. I wonder who created this technology?

I’ve been encountering Wildlife which seems harmless but is totally different than any creatures I have ever seen on Earth. There are creatures that look like Velociraptors with tiny horns and another which looks like the Pokemon Parasect. These depictions may not make any sense to anyone reading this but it is the only way my mind can comprehend these beautiful and strange creatures. The Multi-Tool connects with the Exo-Suit Visor and tells me some fairly detailed information about the creatures. I don’t know how or who could have programmed such a thing. I’m just glad I have it so I know which creatures I can approach and which I should run around to avoid. All of the creatures are quite timid and run from me as I approach. The Visor tells me they are herbivores so hopefully I won’t have anything to worry about.

I walked a bit further and came to a very large building. It has a large Launchpad outside as well. Perhaps I can find someone inside! I entered the door and was immediately “cooed” at by a scaly reptile-looking alien. At first, it scared me and I wanted to run away but the alien’s voice was strangely soothing -not threatening. It was seated behind a counter as if it was perhaps some sort of salesman or somebody at work. I honestly don’t know how I kept it together but I stayed calm and approached it slowly with my arms out to the side.

Upon speaking to the Alien, it seemed it was just as hesitant to speak to me as I was of speaking to it. I suppose I am the Alien here. I never thought I would find anyone at all here but I had hoped it would be a fellow Human. I am definitely not near Earth, unless there was an Alien invasion. Now that I have found an Alien it occurred to me that it obviously wouldn’t speak English. I was only able to understand that it was trying to sell me things but I didn’t have any money. It seems their currency is known as “Units” and I don’t see any easy conversion to the dollars I am used to. I apologized (which I’m sure it didn’t understand) and awkwardly left. I don’t know what I am going to do now. I can’t talk to anyone to even ask where I am.

I continued exploring and cataloging the local flora and fauna using the Visor. I encountered a handful of other Aliens and many of them seem willing to teach me their language! Some may even understand me a bit it seems. A lot can be said with just gestures and facial expressions, which is good because that’s about all I have! I graciously acquired some language knowledge from the lifeforms I met. I learned quite a few words, although they seem quite random: Echo, Traveler, Bad, Warning. These are just a few of the words I learned. I also found some more buildings -Outposts it seems. I supposed they are like rest stops for wary space travelers and also a place to access a system called the Intergalactic Trade System. It’s filled with all sorts of strange items which might help me if I knew what they were. Still, I don’t have any money to purchase anything though.

Finally, I was able to make it back to the ship. I climbed inside for the first time and admired the interior. There isn’t a lot to see, it seems pretty basic, yet strangely home-y. Apparently there are systems within the ship to stabilize the temperature as my Life Support and Shields are not activating. I wonder if I could take off this Exo-Suit in here? Perhaps that’s a test for another day. Right now I need to repair it. Turns out I don’t even need a user manual. The Blueprints that I found within the Exo-Suit have given me clear diagrams of what to place where and how to make it. I crafted large sheets of metal called Carite Sheets and used that to repair the various technology within the ship.

The ship seems to have a number of technologies installed. First, I have a Photon Beam which seems to be a missile. I hope I don’t have to use that, ever.

Second, I have a Launch Thruster, this seems to be the most important item that I need to fix. Without that I won’t be able to get off the planet. It is recharged with Plutonium. Luckily, I have a little bit of that.

Third, I have a Pulse Engine. I’m not sure what this is for. But it seems to need to be fixed as well.

Finally, I have a Deflector Shield which should protect me while flying in space. Another item I hope I never have to use. Hopefully I can reason with any hostiles. I don’t have anything useful to steal. I’m just trying to get home.

At last, with everything fixed it’s time to leave this planet! I still never found out its name or where I am, but if I am to survive I will need to get the hang of things and get heading back to Earth or find someone who understands me so I can ask them some questions.

I fired up the spaceship for the first time and it shot up into the air like a canon. So loud! However, I was strapped in and didn’t feel any negative effects from the launch. Waving goodbye to the planet as I exited the atmosphere, I had no idea where or what direction to go next.

Luckily at that moment, I received a pinging sound within my Spacecraft that indicated I was headed toward to a Space Station where I would be able to access the Intergalactic Trade Network. Intrigued, I headed towards the Space Station that seemed so far away. Perhaps there would be more aliens there? Perhaps even humans?! Surely if these Space Stations are hubs for Intergalactic Trade there must be other Aliens there. The digital display from my Exo-Suit kicked in and started counting down how long it would take to get to the Space Station in the distance.  That’s when I noticed a lever that enabled me to activate a boost. That’s what the Pulse Engine is for. The display started counting down faster and faster until I was only a short distance away!

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