Now Live On Twitch!

Ok not RIGHT now most likely, but I’ve picked up streaming! Click to learn more.

It’s true! I’ve started streaming on Twitch. Here’s all the info and details:

Me, of course.



Mostly gaming streams as of now. Let’s Plays and live coding streams. If that sounds interesting to you, -feel free to stop by!


Schedule is TBD. Right now its mostly on Mondays and Thursdays, 5:15PM ET. And Sundays at 12PM ET. Streams are usually an hour but may be longer.


All you have to do is visit the stream when live. Otherwise, you may find recordings (VODs) on YouTube. In order to comment and join our community you should register a Twitch account and leave a follow. Once you are registered and logged in you will start accumulating points (see below)


For the luls. All of them. Oh and did I mention all the points? You get points! Points that you can redeem for all sorts of fun things.

Chat commands and Prices:

There are also various commands you can use your Starbits on:

  • !commands Will give you a list of all valid commands.
  • !f Let me know if the stream is down. (5 Starbits)
  • !w Let me know to wave if the camera is messed up or out of focus. (5 Starbits)
  • !8ball Ask the 8-ball a question. (10 Starbits)
  • !setraffle Creates a raffle (100 Starbits) – You have to be a moderator.
  • !raffle or !join Joins an existing raffle. (20 Starbit to Enter)
  • !discord !twitter !facebook !twitch !social Will Show social media infos.
  • !donate Will show the donation link.
  • !schedule Will show the schedule once there is one.
  • !giftstarbits username number Will donate starbits to someone. GENEROUS!
  • !mystarbits Will show you how many starbits you have.


Currently, I stream Duel Links, Sims 3, Banished, and Planet Coaster. But I’m open to all suggestions. There will be an ongoing poll where you can vote what I should play next. I’d love to start more involved series with continuning stories in Kingdom Come: Deliverance, No Man’s Sky, and Skyrim. But those are down the line.

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