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Preview: Reaper (Working Title) – RPGM “Emotion In Motion” Contest Entry

Today I’ll discuss one of the game ideas I have in development. Reaper is a game that is all about choice…

You are placed in the role of the Grim Reaper and you must decide between life and death. But it isn’t always an easy choice. Choosing to “save everyone” is not an option as your duties require you to maintain balance so as not to disrupt the Natural Order. You will find yourself playing a higher calling and deciding who should die, and who should be saved based on your own morals and sense of justice. You will need to face both angels and demons in your quest to fight for what you believe is “right”.

The game will also feature puzzles should you choose to save someone where you must modify the actions that led to their death so that they are saved. However, you will need to do so carefully so as not to cause further issues.

The following scene was an entry into the RPG Maker “Emotion in Motion” contest.

Reaper (Working Title) Preview Scene

The following scene is taken part way through the game so as not to really provide any spoilers, as well as because the opening stages of the game are still under development. After having assumed the identity of the Reaper, you are faced with a moral choice and find out that there really is no way to save this girl’s father without disrupting the timeline and causing many other deaths.

There is a heavy focus on writing in this game, and the following dialogue is not final, nor has it all been fleshed out. Regardless, please enjoy the following preview.

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