No Man's Sky

A wasteland of riches

As I approached the atmosphere of the planet I was warned that I was being approached by hostiles. Luckily as I dipped down into the atmosphere of the planet they lost sight of me and left me alone. Phew! Touched down on a barren wasteland of a planet. The atmosphere is seriously damaging if not for my Life Support system. Still, I will need to be very cautious as life support levels are constantly dropping. This planet has no natural wildlife. I can’t see any for as far as I can see, plus my Spacecraft let me know this as I touched down. However, there are lots of rare materials including Copper (Cu) and Aluminum (Al) on this planet.

With over-abundance of Plutonium (Pu) it makes traversing this large desolate planet a breeze. I took my time on this planet and researched many of the unique flora, while also exploring the planet on foot and travelling low within the spaceship.

I was able to catalog what seemed like a great deal of the planet, but I’m sure it is only a drop in the bucket. Probably explored what would be the equivalent of the city of Buffalo but I still consider that to be an achievement. I continued to get confused by the barren wastes that all seemed the same, I ended up in the same spots that I had a few times, and would have definitely lost my Ship if not for the Exo-Suit tracking the location for me.

I was able to obtain a new Spacecraft after happening upon a crash-landing spot and repairing the Ship. I transferred the items from my existing Ship over. I will miss my old ship greatly, but this new ship will allow a bigger storage capacity and more functionality that will enable me to explore the universe.

A trader was selling a unique Multi-Tool within an intergalactic trade station outpost. I was hesitant to pay the price for this item, but after the amount of materials I had excavated, I decided it was a good purchase and a nice reward for the hard work I have been doing. The new unit uses Grenades as well as a more focused Mining Beam which should make excavating large deposits quick work.

I stocked up on a ton more Plutonium (Pu) as it is vital for space life including refueling the Ship as well as my Life Support system, surprisingly. I had to discover that as Carbon (C) was very rare on this planet.

I have to mention something that will sound very strange to whomever is reading this, but I have come across various strange markers which I have thus far excluded from my logs. I have been attempting to analyze the data and come to some sort of conclusion on them, but have been unable to thus far. I happened across no less than 3 strange ruins on this planet which stood out against the barren landscape. Upon approaching these relics, I was offered insight into an ancient civilization or some sort of intelligent being that once was or still is somewhere. I’m not sure what it all means.

This may sound crazy but I feel like these relics are guiding me someplace. Or to something. They speak to me like Atlas did, within my mind and thoughts without making a single noise. In fact, sometimes they even mention Atlas. Some of them seemed set up as some sort of test. One asked me if I would intervene when presented with rare resources at the cost of the planet’s ecosystem, another asked me to place my trust in it and place my hand into a boiling orifice. I think I passed these tests as I was presented with an item and then the relic deactivated itself.

After a long few days of excavating, selling, and encountering these strange relics, I took off from this planet and headed into the cosmos for the next nearest planet.

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