No Man's Sky

Warp Speed!

I took off from the ground and admired the small distance I’d traveled so far. After I left the atmosphere I could see the giant Space Station I had originally come from, as well as the planet off in the distance of where I started. At least I think that’s where I started. Anyway, its time to progress onward. In what direction I don’t know. But for right now I’m going to continue listening to the Atlas and it seemed it wanted me to leave this star system entirely.

To do that, I will need to engage the Warp Drive. To do that, I need to refill the Warp Drive with a Warp Cell. And these must be rare as I haven’t found a single one yet. Turns out that I have the Blueprint to make one thanks to my near-death experience on the last planet. But these are also complicated to make, with items I’ve never even seen before. So, I flew back to the Space Station and was able to buy some of the ingredients. Luckily, some of the other travelers were able to sell me the items that weren’t available at the Intergalactic Trade System. Finally, I crafted the Warp Cell and placed it within the Warp Drive.

I almost expected it to immediately take off like lightening or something but it simply glowed red and waited for input. Shakily, I reached over and engaged my normal Launch Thruster. It seems like the Space Station has some sort of automated mechanism for managing Spacecraft traffic (kind of like putting the car in neutral at a car wash) so I didn’t even have to steer my way. Finally once I was a safe distance away, I engaged the Warp Drive.

Upon doing so I realized that I only have one shot at this. Hopefully I will end up in a system that will have the materials needed to craft another one or I will be stuck there. The Spacecraft lit up with a navigation system and requested a destination. I chose the nearest one I could find, just in case and off it went. The warp speed travel was insane. The stars sort of elongate and zip past and all you can see is darkness behind you and a bright yellow light in front of you. Planets, stars, asteroids, who even knows what I might have passed. It all zoomed by in the blink of an eye until suddenly the Spacecraft automatically slowed down and said I was approaching interference.

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