No Man's Sky

I’m Going to Die!

I was attacked by 3 ships while approaching the next planet. I tried to enter the atmosphere to avoid them but they continued their assault. They continued their assault for what I can only believe is my large stock of Plutonium. I don’t have any other rarities that they could be after. Unless they are after the amount of Units I had accrued. So far, I had nearly 700,000 Units. Again I have no idea what the conversion rates are and if this is considered a lot or not. I continued my descent and flew over a few mountain ranges to get some distance between us. Suddenly the spaceships pulled upwards and abandoned their chase. Thankfully!

I approached an outpost, landed, and went to repairing my ship and selling off a bit of the Plutonium reserves. It’s time to explore this planet!

The atmosphere here is very thick, and poisonous and seems to be continually raining. It depletes my Exo-Suit Shield constantly when outside so I cannot stay out of the Ship for too long. I hope the rain doesn’t do any damage to the Ship but it doesn’t seem to. It would be nice if the rain would stop so that I could explore further. I just realized my new Multi-Tool does not offer a scanning feature for local fauna so I quickly had to craft one using the materials I could find nearby. Luckily with just a bit of Iron I was able to bring this feature back and scan some of the local flora.

Disregarding the scary atmosphere of toxic rain, while safe in my ship with the pitter patter of rain falling outside I was able to relax for the very first time since all of this happened. I mean, as well as you can possibly relax when you’re getting beaten down on with toxic rain in a Spaceship in the middle of nowhere with no idea where you are or how you’re ever going to get home. You know. I think I’m going to take it a little easier today, gather materials for a bit, and as soon as I’m able to, I want to craft a Warp Cell and warp out of this star system.

While there are plentiful resources within this planet and within the system I have encountered so far, I am not finding many unique animals and am running low on some basic materials. While I have loads of Plutonium, I am getting low on Thamium9 (Th) and Zinc (Zn). These resources are quite sparse on this planet and I have been using them for recharging my Life Support and the Shield. I also haven’t been able to locate a Space Station which makes me wonder about the safety of this system.

One thing I did locate was a huge deposit of Gold (Au)! Imagine how rich I would be if I were on Earth right now. The deposit was a huge cylinder shape and I collected as much as I could carry back to the ship, loaded it up and went back again. Gold (Au) deposits are plentiful on this planet so I may have taken a bit more than I needed assuming that I wasn’t doing any harm and could sell it off later.

I finally located some native Wildlife. The creatures really look like dinosaurs here, however they are all very tiny so far. Thankfully they all seem to be herbivores and are not aggressive. I was even able to feed a few of them!

I explored a bit of this planet, but with the toxic rain I am literally risking my life for no reason. I was actually about to take off when I was flying low to the planet and came across another ancient ruin. I got out immediately and stopped there. I was given some more ancient words and another cryptic message about seeking out the center of the stars. I still don’t have any solid ideas on what this means. It seems this Atlas wants me to journey to the center of the universe. But why? I just want to go home!

I also came across a huge Outpost port that was raised high up in the air. I really wanted to try landing on it just to see if I could do it and I was surprisingly able to. However, it wasn’t a very pleasant station as it was outdoors and the toxic rain cut the visit short. Also, once I got off the Outpost to grab some nearby Carbon (C), I had a difficult time getting back up. Thank God I have this Jetpack. I was able to sell my Gold (Au) and, just as I suspected, it is worth quite a bit within the Intergalactic Trade community.

I got back into the Ship, finally, and I began preparing for my journey away from this planet by crafting some Warp Cells. Boy, these things are a pain to make. I have to gather up various ingredients before I can craft even the prerequisites for it. I was able to buy a few missing items from the Intergalactic Trade System but I don’t want to rely on that too much. Only bought a few Suspension Fluid and crafted the rest of the items myself. It took a while but I was able to make 2 Warp Cells. It doesn’t seem like a lot, but as I already had one, that should last me for 3 Star Systems. I’ve only been to 2 so far.

I’m going to take a nice sleep in the ship (you’re allowed to rest on these runways right?) and head off tomorrow. I don’t know the Intergalactic Laws but since there are so many other Launchpads here I don’t worry too much. If I’m not allowed to do this, I’m sure I’ll wake up to Sentinels shooting at me. I don’t know why I am so tired. It’s been a rough few days. I spent a good portion of today running from shelter to shelter under the acid rain. It seems like my suit is okay, but perhaps my body still is affected by it somehow. I am really tired and who knows what is in store for me next.

No Man's Sky

A wasteland of riches

As I approached the atmosphere of the planet I was warned that I was being approached by hostiles. Luckily as I dipped down into the atmosphere of the planet they lost sight of me and left me alone. Phew! Touched down on a barren wasteland of a planet. The atmosphere is seriously damaging if not for my Life Support system. Still, I will need to be very cautious as life support levels are constantly dropping. This planet has no natural wildlife. I can’t see any for as far as I can see, plus my Spacecraft let me know this as I touched down. However, there are lots of rare materials including Copper (Cu) and Aluminum (Al) on this planet.

With over-abundance of Plutonium (Pu) it makes traversing this large desolate planet a breeze. I took my time on this planet and researched many of the unique flora, while also exploring the planet on foot and travelling low within the spaceship.

I was able to catalog what seemed like a great deal of the planet, but I’m sure it is only a drop in the bucket. Probably explored what would be the equivalent of the city of Buffalo but I still consider that to be an achievement. I continued to get confused by the barren wastes that all seemed the same, I ended up in the same spots that I had a few times, and would have definitely lost my Ship if not for the Exo-Suit tracking the location for me.

I was able to obtain a new Spacecraft after happening upon a crash-landing spot and repairing the Ship. I transferred the items from my existing Ship over. I will miss my old ship greatly, but this new ship will allow a bigger storage capacity and more functionality that will enable me to explore the universe.

A trader was selling a unique Multi-Tool within an intergalactic trade station outpost. I was hesitant to pay the price for this item, but after the amount of materials I had excavated, I decided it was a good purchase and a nice reward for the hard work I have been doing. The new unit uses Grenades as well as a more focused Mining Beam which should make excavating large deposits quick work.

I stocked up on a ton more Plutonium (Pu) as it is vital for space life including refueling the Ship as well as my Life Support system, surprisingly. I had to discover that as Carbon (C) was very rare on this planet.

I have to mention something that will sound very strange to whomever is reading this, but I have come across various strange markers which I have thus far excluded from my logs. I have been attempting to analyze the data and come to some sort of conclusion on them, but have been unable to thus far. I happened across no less than 3 strange ruins on this planet which stood out against the barren landscape. Upon approaching these relics, I was offered insight into an ancient civilization or some sort of intelligent being that once was or still is somewhere. I’m not sure what it all means.

This may sound crazy but I feel like these relics are guiding me someplace. Or to something. They speak to me like Atlas did, within my mind and thoughts without making a single noise. In fact, sometimes they even mention Atlas. Some of them seemed set up as some sort of test. One asked me if I would intervene when presented with rare resources at the cost of the planet’s ecosystem, another asked me to place my trust in it and place my hand into a boiling orifice. I think I passed these tests as I was presented with an item and then the relic deactivated itself.

After a long few days of excavating, selling, and encountering these strange relics, I took off from this planet and headed into the cosmos for the next nearest planet.

No Man's Sky

Warp Speed!

I took off from the ground and admired the small distance I’d traveled so far. After I left the atmosphere I could see the giant Space Station I had originally come from, as well as the planet off in the distance of where I started. At least I think that’s where I started. Anyway, its time to progress onward. In what direction I don’t know. But for right now I’m going to continue listening to the Atlas and it seemed it wanted me to leave this star system entirely.

To do that, I will need to engage the Warp Drive. To do that, I need to refill the Warp Drive with a Warp Cell. And these must be rare as I haven’t found a single one yet. Turns out that I have the Blueprint to make one thanks to my near-death experience on the last planet. But these are also complicated to make, with items I’ve never even seen before. So, I flew back to the Space Station and was able to buy some of the ingredients. Luckily, some of the other travelers were able to sell me the items that weren’t available at the Intergalactic Trade System. Finally, I crafted the Warp Cell and placed it within the Warp Drive.

I almost expected it to immediately take off like lightening or something but it simply glowed red and waited for input. Shakily, I reached over and engaged my normal Launch Thruster. It seems like the Space Station has some sort of automated mechanism for managing Spacecraft traffic (kind of like putting the car in neutral at a car wash) so I didn’t even have to steer my way. Finally once I was a safe distance away, I engaged the Warp Drive.

Upon doing so I realized that I only have one shot at this. Hopefully I will end up in a system that will have the materials needed to craft another one or I will be stuck there. The Spacecraft lit up with a navigation system and requested a destination. I chose the nearest one I could find, just in case and off it went. The warp speed travel was insane. The stars sort of elongate and zip past and all you can see is darkness behind you and a bright yellow light in front of you. Planets, stars, asteroids, who even knows what I might have passed. It all zoomed by in the blink of an eye until suddenly the Spacecraft automatically slowed down and said I was approaching interference.

No Man's Sky

Hostiles Encountered!

After what seemed like forever, I burst through the atmosphere of the planet and find a suitable place to land. By suitable, I didn’t really know what I was looking for, so I was only interested in a flat surface. As soon as I landed, I made the mistake of immediately getting out of the spaceship to stretch my legs.

I was immediately attacked by a swarm of tiny creatures. There were at least 5 of them. They looked like bugs or crabs or something. Their movement was frightening and what was worse is that my Mining Beam doesn’t seem to faze them at all. I quickly jumped into the Spaceship. They didn’t seem to want to attack the ship, but they wanted to attack me so they hung around the ship. I considered taking off again but I didn’t have enough Plutonium to do so. What was I going to do?!

I turned to the resources I had at hand. First I looked to my Ship but the Photon Beam controls don’t seem to respond when landed. My suit does have a shield but it didn’t do much against the creatures last time. I could try and out run them but they scurry really fast and there could be even more of them out there.

I checked my Multi-Tool to see why the Mining Beam didn’t harm them. It was fully charged and should have at least hurt them. However, it tells me I have to slots remaining to install new technology. And as luck would have it, I have a Blueprint for an upgrade called a “Boltcaster”. After checking the materials at hand I had just enough to build one.

Armed with my new Boltcaster I slowly creeped out of the Ship. I used my Jetpack to climb up on top where they couldn’t reach me and fired away. It got a workout! At least 5 creatures swarmed the ship and attacked me. It was all I could do to defend myself from them by standing on top of the ship and picking them off one by one. I’m not going down this easily. I shot at the ones nearby until I couldn’t hear them anymore and I was sure there were no more around me.

Looking forward across a vast ocean I could see the objective I was looking for: an item to enable warp speed travel! However, with low Plutonium levels, I will need to make the journey on foot, -rather by swimming. After swimming for what seemed like days, I encountered even stranger wildlife that was the largest I’ve seen yet. A great majestic beast similar to that of a triceratops.

The Visor told me they were Carnivores so I made sure to stay far away and only admire them through the zooming function on the Visor.

As strange as the wildlife was, I continued to encounter more of these strange stones which imparted me with knowledge of the language the Aliens were speaking. I have also found various shelters here all abandoned without a single lifeform inside. No signs of a struggle but clearly once inhabited. I can obtain some units and items from these houses, although it does not feel right, but I have to ensure survival at this point. I am sure there are no signs of lifeforms so I can rationalize to myself that it is OK. Still, I wonder what all these abandoned locations could mean? What happened to the lifeforms that lived here? Surrounded by natural resources it seems an ideal spot to live. Lots of Carbon (C), (do Aliens use that to breathe? I don’t know.) Platinum (Pt), and Copper (Cu).

Perhaps one day I can find someone who might know about this planet. Although I’m not so sure. Frequently, I hear ships fly overhead but all of them seem to be heading to some other destination. The vastness of this universe has really set in and I wonder again how I ended up here in the first place? How far am I from the Milky Way? The only home I ever knew. My wandering mind was quickly jarred by some large deposits of Platinum (Pt). I know it will fetch a nice price at the Intergalactic Trade Station so I fill up my Exo-Suit inventory with as much as I can carry and then swim the long journey back to the ship.

On the way, I encountered a small shelter with an Alien that pointed at my Multi-Tool. It seemed like it wanted me to take it off. Hesitantly, I handed the item over. The Aliens I have encountered thus far have not been hostile. There is no room for fear if I am to make it home and these Aliens are the only allies I have and my only shot at potentially ever making it home. Luckily, I was rewarded for my trust with a brand-new Multi-Tool from the lifeform. I thanked the lifeform and attempted to ask about the planet before leaving, but with the language barrier the limits we could do at this point were to trade and barter for items. So I parted ways, humbly thanked him (or her?) again, and began swimming through the vast ocean back to the ship. On the way back I took a much more direct and hasty path to the ship. The hostile wildlife is quite dangerous and I don’t want to have to fight any more of these creatures.

The Exo-suit seems like it is equipped to also function underwater. I don’t know how to swim very well so I probably won’t be using that feature unless I have to. However, it does allow me to stay underwater for a bit of time. Doing so allowed me to catalog some non-hostile underwater fauna. These are the only creatures on the planet that haven’t attacked me thus far.

Finally, I returned to the ship and crafted the necessary items to leave this deadly planet. Thankful I’m leaving with my life.

No Man's Sky

Visited a Space Station!

At this busy Space Station I was able to meet with a few resting travelers who offered items for barter as well as some tempting offers on their impressive Spacecraft (none of which I could afford though, of course). Luckily, they didn’t seem too offended when I motioned that I didn’t have any money and was just curious.

More importantly though, this gave me a moment of reprise to reflect on the journey in front of me and the things that have happened thus far. It seems that in addition to helpful Lifeforms, some markers exist which give me knowledge into the language spoken by these alien races. I can’t put together full sentences yet, but slow and steady always wins the race and I have no doubt I will be able to pick up this language soon. I learned French, after all!

Even stranger though, has been the strange transmissions that seem to be leading me away from this home system and off for another system. What could it all mean? And what became of this “Atlas” I encountered? My mind is foggy but I need to focus on the task at hand and take off for the nearest planet I can find. Perhaps some answers lie there?

I did acquire a few Units by selling some of the extra elements I had in my Exo-Suit. The device has a very limited storage capacity so I will need to clear it out frequently. I will need to always ensure I have Carbon (C) as that seems like the most important element since it powers my Life Support. Next, I need to always have Plutonium (Pu) as that is what allows my Spacecraft to take off. An element I never heard of before called Thamium9 (Th) is another important item for the Spacecraft to function. I can obtain it from some flora but can also get it while in flight outside of a planets’ atmosphere by shooting down asteroids.

Oh, I forgot to mention the super cool Laser Beam I have that allows my ship to shoot asteroids! It was a lot of fun, but again, I don’t want to cause any damage to anything so I was careful to only take what I needed. My aim is pretty good, but I don’t want to miss and end up shooting at another ship.

I gathered my things and headed off to a planet that was literally right in front of me when I turned around. The planet was HUGE and yet I was still a very long way away. Use of the Pulse Drive is going to be crucial so I need to make sure that is stocked as well. I hope I can remember all of this stuff. There’s never been anything besides remembering how to breathe that I had to remember because my life depended on it.



No Man's Sky

I encountered an Alien!

I walked what seems like a long distance from my ship. It’s really far away but I can still see it faintly. Luckily my Exo-Suit is also capable of tracking where I left the Spacecraft. I’m usually pretty good at orienting myself but without a compass or significant landmark this is an incredibly useful function. I wonder who created this technology?

I’ve been encountering Wildlife which seems harmless but is totally different than any creatures I have ever seen on Earth. There are creatures that look like Velociraptors with tiny horns and another which looks like the Pokemon Parasect. These depictions may not make any sense to anyone reading this but it is the only way my mind can comprehend these beautiful and strange creatures. The Multi-Tool connects with the Exo-Suit Visor and tells me some fairly detailed information about the creatures. I don’t know how or who could have programmed such a thing. I’m just glad I have it so I know which creatures I can approach and which I should run around to avoid. All of the creatures are quite timid and run from me as I approach. The Visor tells me they are herbivores so hopefully I won’t have anything to worry about.

I walked a bit further and came to a very large building. It has a large Launchpad outside as well. Perhaps I can find someone inside! I entered the door and was immediately “cooed” at by a scaly reptile-looking alien. At first, it scared me and I wanted to run away but the alien’s voice was strangely soothing -not threatening. It was seated behind a counter as if it was perhaps some sort of salesman or somebody at work. I honestly don’t know how I kept it together but I stayed calm and approached it slowly with my arms out to the side.

Upon speaking to the Alien, it seemed it was just as hesitant to speak to me as I was of speaking to it. I suppose I am the Alien here. I never thought I would find anyone at all here but I had hoped it would be a fellow Human. I am definitely not near Earth, unless there was an Alien invasion. Now that I have found an Alien it occurred to me that it obviously wouldn’t speak English. I was only able to understand that it was trying to sell me things but I didn’t have any money. It seems their currency is known as “Units” and I don’t see any easy conversion to the dollars I am used to. I apologized (which I’m sure it didn’t understand) and awkwardly left. I don’t know what I am going to do now. I can’t talk to anyone to even ask where I am.

I continued exploring and cataloging the local flora and fauna using the Visor. I encountered a handful of other Aliens and many of them seem willing to teach me their language! Some may even understand me a bit it seems. A lot can be said with just gestures and facial expressions, which is good because that’s about all I have! I graciously acquired some language knowledge from the lifeforms I met. I learned quite a few words, although they seem quite random: Echo, Traveler, Bad, Warning. These are just a few of the words I learned. I also found some more buildings -Outposts it seems. I supposed they are like rest stops for wary space travelers and also a place to access a system called the Intergalactic Trade System. It’s filled with all sorts of strange items which might help me if I knew what they were. Still, I don’t have any money to purchase anything though.

Finally, I was able to make it back to the ship. I climbed inside for the first time and admired the interior. There isn’t a lot to see, it seems pretty basic, yet strangely home-y. Apparently there are systems within the ship to stabilize the temperature as my Life Support and Shields are not activating. I wonder if I could take off this Exo-Suit in here? Perhaps that’s a test for another day. Right now I need to repair it. Turns out I don’t even need a user manual. The Blueprints that I found within the Exo-Suit have given me clear diagrams of what to place where and how to make it. I crafted large sheets of metal called Carite Sheets and used that to repair the various technology within the ship.

The ship seems to have a number of technologies installed. First, I have a Photon Beam which seems to be a missile. I hope I don’t have to use that, ever.

Second, I have a Launch Thruster, this seems to be the most important item that I need to fix. Without that I won’t be able to get off the planet. It is recharged with Plutonium. Luckily, I have a little bit of that.

Third, I have a Pulse Engine. I’m not sure what this is for. But it seems to need to be fixed as well.

Finally, I have a Deflector Shield which should protect me while flying in space. Another item I hope I never have to use. Hopefully I can reason with any hostiles. I don’t have anything useful to steal. I’m just trying to get home.

At last, with everything fixed it’s time to leave this planet! I still never found out its name or where I am, but if I am to survive I will need to get the hang of things and get heading back to Earth or find someone who understands me so I can ask them some questions.

I fired up the spaceship for the first time and it shot up into the air like a canon. So loud! However, I was strapped in and didn’t feel any negative effects from the launch. Waving goodbye to the planet as I exited the atmosphere, I had no idea where or what direction to go next.

Luckily at that moment, I received a pinging sound within my Spacecraft that indicated I was headed toward to a Space Station where I would be able to access the Intergalactic Trade Network. Intrigued, I headed towards the Space Station that seemed so far away. Perhaps there would be more aliens there? Perhaps even humans?! Surely if these Space Stations are hubs for Intergalactic Trade there must be other Aliens there. The digital display from my Exo-Suit kicked in and started counting down how long it would take to get to the Space Station in the distance.  That’s when I noticed a lever that enabled me to activate a boost. That’s what the Pulse Engine is for. The display started counting down faster and faster until I was only a short distance away!

No Man's Sky

Crash landed on a strange alien planet?

My name is Starcrescendo. I came from a city named Buffalo which resided in the state of New York within the United States of America on the continent of North America on the planet Earth within the Milky Way galaxy in what we called the Local Group. I hope this gets to someone. I found this transmission channel and am broadcasting my travel log in an attempt to chronicle my journey home –  or if I don’t make it home – in hopes that my last thoughts shall somehow make it to my family. I wonder if anyone will ever read this?

I woke up this morning lying on the ground outside the wreckage of a Spacecraft. I have no idea how I even ended up here. I remember spending a quiet but uncomfortably hot evening at home watching television. I may have drifted off to sleep, but then I woke up here. Seems like getting into a Spacecraft would be something I’d remember.

I am on a strange planet appearing to have fallen out of the Spacecraft. I luckily have a Spacesuit that is allowing me to breathe normally. I fear without this I would not have woken up alive to begin with. I also owe my life to this Spacecraft that took the impact of the crash. It is badly damaged. I’m not sure if I can repair it. As luck would have it, I am equipped with a number of tools that might help me to do that. They seem intuitive enough to use, although I’m sure I’ll settle into the particulars in due time.

The first tool is a Jetpack. I never thought I’d see one of these in real life! This model doesn’t even need refueling, but it can’t be used for too long at a single time.

The Spacesuit which I mentioned seems to have an internal temperature regulating system so that I don’t burn or freeze while within it. It is also equipped with a Life Support system which shall hopefully keep me alive.

The Spacesuit has some sort of device on the right arm. It says it is a “Multi-Tool” and is indeed a combination of multiple tools including a Mining Beam, a simple Scanner that identifies locales and items nearby, as well as a Visor which identifies flora and fauna. It’s all very futuristic.

I ran around a bit and played with the new tools just to get an idea of how they work. Normally I love playing with new tech but since I’m just trying to survive at this point I just need to know the basics.

The Mining Beam will be particularly useful. Apparently, the Life Support system needs to be continually recharged in order to function. The local flora produces Carbon (C) which the beam can extract into a form I can recharge the Life Support system with. It seems like there are bountiful resources of Carbon (C) and Iron (Fe) all over, but I don’t want to cause damage to this planet so I will be sure to only take what I need.

The world here is way different than back home. The air seems lighter, and there are hardly any trees around, just plants. Not a structure or person in sight. I wonder what happened on this planet?

While looking around the Spacecraft for clues I found a strange red orb. I did not understand what it was trying to tell me, but I understood that its name was “Atlas”. It shined brightly and spoke to me without making a single noise. It spoke to me within my mind in a strange language, somehow interrupting and overriding my thoughts. Then it disappeared just as fast as it had appeared. It was kind of scary. Is this an alien?

I need to find out where I am and how to get home. I found crafting schematics within the Exo-Suit (that’s what I’m calling my Spacesuit from now on) for the items I will need. To fix the Spacecraft, I will need to apparently travel to across the planet to obtain various resources.