Hi, I'm Chris!

I'm an interactive multimedia specialist who writes, makes websites, user interfaces, games, graphics, videos, and other cool stuff.

Welcome to my personal site. Feel free to browse my latest ramblings in my blog, or see work samples in my portfolio.

Hire MeMy Autobiography

Hire Me My Autobiography

DNS… I hate it

So I spent this last week transitioning to a new VPS. It was a lot of work but it seems like everything should be setup now. The new server will allow me to better service web clients in the future. It’s sort of exciting and I learned a lot during the transition. Here’s some of the highlights […]

I’m Going to Die!

I was attacked by 3 ships while approaching the next planet. I tried to enter the atmosphere to avoid them but they continued their assault. They continued their assault for what I can only believe is my large stock of Plutonium. I don’t have any other rarities that they could be after.

A wasteland of riches

As I approached the atmosphere of the planet I was warned that I was being approached by hostiles. Luckily as I dipped down into the atmosphere of the planet they lost sight of me and left me alone. Phew! Touched down on a barren wasteland of a planet. The atmosphere is seriously damaging if not […]

Warp Speed!

I took off from the ground and admired the small distance I’d traveled so far. After I left the atmosphere I could see the giant Space Station I had originally come from, as well as the planet off in the distance of where I started. At least I think that’s where I started.

Hostiles Encountered!

After what seemed like forever, I burst through the atmosphere of the planet and find a suitable place to land. By suitable, I didn’t really know what I was looking for, so I was only interested in a flat surface. As soon as I landed, I made the mistake of immediately getting out of the […]

Visited a Space Station!

At this busy Space Station I was able to meet with a few resting travelers who offered items for barter as well as some tempting offers on their impressive Spacecraft (none of which I could afford though, of course). Luckily, they didn’t seem too offended when I motioned that I didn’t have any money and […]

I encountered an Alien!

I walked what seems like a long distance from my ship. It’s really far away but I can still see it faintly. Luckily my Exo-Suit is also capable of tracking where I left the Spacecraft. I’m usually pretty good at orienting myself but without a compass or significant landmark this is an incredibly useful function. […]

Crash landed on a strange alien planet?

My name is Starcrescendo. I came from a city named Buffalo which resided in the state of New York within the United States of America on the continent of North America on the planet Earth within the Milky Way galaxy in what we called the Local Group. I hope this gets to someone.

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